Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Heaven

is the first book dedicated to Hatsumi Sensei’s Dojo Giga paintings — these are the colorful paintings Sensei began creating about thirty years ago to record and communicate the traditions of his dojo.

We made just 800 ‘Hardcover Collector Edition’ books. These limited edition books have some special features…


Folding Book Box
Only our ‘Hardcover Collector Edition’ comes in this folding book box.


Our ‘Collector Edition’ has a blank shikishi mounted to the inside cover which is hand-stamped with traditional stamp ink (called inde).


Our ‘Collectors’ are hand-numbered 001 through 800. Just a few remain — get yours today!

All 'Hardcover Collector Edition' books are sold. 

Our books are printed!

All ‘Hardcover Collector Edition’ books are sold.

We are currently focused on packing books and posting to customers. Please return in March 2019 when our ‘Hardcover Edition’ will be available.

See our book — hot off the press, in this video.

We printed Heaven and celebrated with Sensei on October 4th, 2018.

On October 4th we unveiled Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Heaven at the FCCJ in Tokyo.

  • About 30 years ago Hatsumi Sensei made a series of colorful paintings to record and transmit the traditions of his dojo. He calls these paintings his Dojo Giga collection...

    Recently Sensei decided now is the right time to share these paintings with the world so we published Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Heaven. Our book’s theme is martial virtue and the painting subjects include Shinto and Buddhist deities, myths, and legendary heroes. Art that commemorates the history of Hatsumi Sensei’s dojo is also included. Most importantly, Heaven recognizes the influence of his sensei, Toshitsugu Takamatsu. 

  • Our book combines award-winning design, professional photography, and detailed craftsmanship to give Sensei’s Dojo Giga paintings the spotlight they deserve.

    Heaven includes an essay and comments by the artist that put the paintings in context, action photos shot at the dojo illustrate the close connection between the paintings and the artist’s physical training and the book’s appendix provides supporting information. Our book is in Japanese with English translations. We hope Heaven gives you new insights into Hatsumi Sensei’s paintings and inspires your understanding of budo.