Earth is coming soon!

If you have Heaven you'll be glad to know that Earth is coming soon. We're taking advance orders now. Details are below.

Earth is launched!

We started taking Earth book orders during the banquet at Nagato Sensei's training event in Ocotober of 2021 in Dayton, Ohio. This banquet was the ideal time for me to give a speech and share newly completed layouts from Earth. The book is nearly done so we're taking advance orders for Earth now.

Order Earth now to save 10%!

We had multiple successful Kickstarters for Hatsumi Sensei's art projects (and that was great) but Kickstarter takes a cut... For Earth, we're cutting out Kickstarter so I can give a 10% discount to you! We'll take orders on this page and give the first 600 books a 10% discount. Then we'll move forward with printing in early 2022.

The subject of Heaven was martial virtue.  Earth is bloody different...

The theme of our first Dojo Giga book, Heaven, was martial virtue: military force used properly to create civilization and maintain peace. Unfortunately, Man ignores Heaven’s lessons and abuses power…

Earth's theme is bonno 煩悩, afflictions understood in Buddhism to be the root of pointless suffering. Specifically, Earth helps us meditate on those of Hatsumi Sensei's paintings which illustrate “the three poisons” of ignorance, rage and desire.

Will Earth look like Heaven?

Earth's design is based on Heaven (on the shelf, it'll look like Heaven's evil twin), but I found some cost savings. Heaven had a board for signature and the Collector Edition was in a fancy folding box — Earth won't have those.

Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Earth will be in a folding case (like the standard edition of Heaven). Earth features a larger number of paintings than Heaven and more action photos. With Earth's cost savings, our projected price is $130 plus shipping. 

Buy one book (or get free postage by ordering three).

Earth is $130 but if you order early (to get the 10% discount) your price will be just $117 plus postage.

  • Postage to Europe, Australia, or New Zealand is $50
  • Postage to the US, Canada and Japan is $30
  • For free postage, get three books — order with your friends!

One Earth Book
Delivery to Europe, Australia, or New Zealand included.

One Earth Book
Delivery to the US, Canada or Japan included.

Three Earth Books
FREE delivery to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada or Japan included.

Can we deliver to other locations?

Our postage fee includes more than just postage — it also covers boxing, handling, bulk shipping by boat, plus the inevitable tariffs... All these costs are difficult to estimate so we'll consider other delivery destinations later. If your address is outside where we're currently delivering (but you'd like to order early to get the 10% discount) consider ordering with a friend living in one of our delivery destinations.


We'll shrink wrap Earth and then individually box each book at the printer. Then we'll pack them (three boxed books to a carton). If you order a carton of three books, your delivery will get the extra protection of being double boxed.

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Earth updates

Photography for Earth is completed and most writing, and translation, and layouts are done. We're getting close! I look forward to announcing our print date. For news, please watch this page and stay connected with us on social media.

If you've ordered Earth, I'll email at significant milestones (like after we've printed and when we're preparing to post).

For funding and other progress updates, please watch this page.


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— Steve Olsen

Training with Nagato Sensei in Dayton Ohio

Did you miss our training with Nagato Sensei in Dayton Ohio? This video shares some images (including shots from our banquet where I gave a speech launching advance orders of Earth).

A chat about Meditation

Paul Masse and I discussed Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Earth and we talked about Meiso 瞑想, which means "meditation" and is one of the paintings which will appear in Earth.

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