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Yūko Ōkuma calligraphed a waka poem by Akiko Yosano and Hatsumi Sensei painted a nude beside it. This collaborative artwork, and an essay by Yūko, are in our book, Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Heaven. In her essay, Yūko writes about speaking with Sensei, and painting with him, and watching him teach at the dojo. Perhaps you’ve seen these things too but not through Yūko’s eyes. A martial artist who sees from just one angle is limited. We can learn about Hatsumi Sensei by seeing him from Yūko’s perspective.


Hatsumi Sensei taught calligraphy at the dojo in the '90s and Paul has been dedicated to his brushwork since then so we asked Paul and Yūko to paint on the inside cover of Heaven.

Their artworks are below (these are painted onto the shikishi on the inside cover of Heaven books). We can post books from Japan to most locations worldwide and your purchase includes a donation to the artists.

For more about 'Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Heaven' please visit this page: https://dojoartbooks.com/heaven/

Each Heaven book has a shikishi mounted inside the book's front cover. Our shikishi was recognized by UNESCO for the craftsman's traditional Japanese paper making methods — it's gorgeous paper which takes sumi ink nicely. Yuko and Paul painted original artworks here. See the artworks below. These Heaven books with original artworks are available for order.

By Paul


See pg 209 of Heaven

8P1 SOLD (Jeff O)


See pg 203 of Heaven

8P2 SOLD (D. E. Oliver)

Visit here for video discussion. Hatsumi Sensei's painting Meisō 瞑想 will appear in Earth.

8P3 SOLD (Betsy L)

Collaborative works — by Yūko & Paul


8PY1 SOLD (William M)


8PY2 SOLD (Kieran N)


8PY3 SOLD (Robert T)

By Yūko


See pg 186 of Heaven

8Y1 SOLD (Nishi K)

Fu 歩, shin 心, man 満, po 保, su 寿 is from a painting by Hatsumi Sensei which appears in ‘Heaven.’ On page 186 of ‘Heaven’ Sensei tells us it’s a shōgi analogy about endurance.



Jita ichi nyo 自他一如 is a Zen phrase which helps us realize the oneness of ‘self’ and ‘others.’


8Y7 SOLD (Jeff O)


8Y5 SOLD (Gregor V)


8Y8 SOLD (Wayne S)

8Y9 SOLD (Gregor V)


8Y10 SOLD (Henrik J)


8Y11 SOLD (Niya S)

Banpen fugyō 万変不驚 meaning, “infinite change / no surprise” is a phrase familiar to students of the Bujinkan Dojo.

梵字 | 大日如来 | 胎蔵界


This calligraphy features Dainichi Nyorai’s 大日如来 bonji 梵字 from the Taizō-kai 胎蔵界.


8Y13 SOLD (Gregor V)



Two banpen fugyō 万変不驚 are available (8Y11 & 8Y14)!


See pg 117 of Heaven

8Y15 SOLD (Kris M)



Konnichi muji 今日無事 is a Zen phrase which could be translated as, “today no mishaps.” This calligraphy was inspired by discussion of an artwork of Sensei’s on the same topic which appeared in ‘Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art.’

梵字 | 大日如来 | 金剛界

8Y6 SOLD (Steven H)


8Y3 SOLD (Mike J)

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