Join Yūko Ōkuma at Kasumi An

Yūko’s Perspective

Yūko Ōkuma calligraphed a waka poem by Akiko Yosano and Hatsumi Sensei painted a nude beside it. This collaborative artwork, and an essay by Yūko, are in Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Heaven. In her essay, Yūko writes about speaking with Sensei and painting with him and watching him teach at the dōjō. Perhaps you’ve seen these things too but not through Yūko’s eyes. A martial artist who sees from just one angle is limited. We can learn a lot about Hatsumi Sensei by seeing him from Yūko’s perspective.

August 13th 11am (Tokyo)

Yūko is a Dojo Giga | Heaven contributor, and a professional calligrapher, and she will be the Kasumi An guest on August 13th. Paul Masse and Steve Olsen will chat with Yūko and you can ask questions. Perhaps best of all, if you purchase Heaven, Yūko will paint in your book! (Also, if you request, Paul and Yūko could make collaborative works for you as she did with Sōke.) We will deliver books worldwide and your purchase will include a donation to Yūko and Kasumi An.

We’ll have two Zooms with Yūko on August 13th.

Which time is best for you?

August 13th Zoom #1:

We’ll start by chatting with Yūko about Hatsumi Sensei’s art and end by taking painting requests from callers in these time zones:

Aug 13th | 10am | Tokyo

Aug 12th | 9pm | NY

Aug 12th | 6pm | LA

(We will post the Zoom #1 registration link here on August 7th.)

August 13th Zoom #2:

This Zoom will be shorter and focus on Yūko taking painting requests from callers in these time zones:

Aug 13th | 2pm | Tokyo

Aug 13th | 6am | London

Aug 13th | 7am | Paris

(We will post the Zoom #2 registration link here on August 7th.)

Sample Artworks | Yūko Ōkuma

Watch Yūko Sign Your Book!

Buy Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Heaven here. Then watch Yūko paint in your book during our live Zoom call!

Dojo Giga | Heaven has a shikishi mounted inside the book’s front cover and Washi for our shikishi was recognized by UNESCO for the maker’s traditional Japanese paper making methods. (It’s gorgeous paper which takes sumi ink nicely.) Get your book professionally calligraphed!

We will deliver your book to Kasumi An for signature and then post worldwide. The book price is $145, and for this special Kasumi An event, we are only charging $50 worldwide shipping = $195 total. 

In 2020, international postal deliveries from Japan have been difficult. Delivery to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America should be fine but we may need to decline other destinations. If we’re unable to deliver reasonably soon, we will give a full refund.

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